Y10 1906 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

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This model is very common to find both in silver,  gold & brassy gold and was one of the most prolific ever made. It was also one of the models in the  'Heritage'  and 'Vintage' set gifts. It has always had dark red seats and grille, although pic.3 shows it with pale gold model and black seats & grille. I have purchased these exactly like this at car boots & various other sales and cannot believe that someone would take the plastic components from a painted model to make up an invariably cheaper model. Perhaps someone could shed more light on these occurrences


Number Plating Seats & Grille Base
1 Silver Dark red 2 Columns
2 Gold Dark red 2 Columns
3 Brassy Gold Dark red 2 Columns
4 Silver Dark red 2 Holes
5 Pale Gold Black 2 Columns