Y13 1918 Crossley

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The RAF model is very rare now as so many of the plastic components were swapped to the painted model. The model came in gold & silver although the silver version is now ultra rare. The canopies and grille were in a very dark grey color but some versions may have tan grilles. The seats were always maroon. The version shown in pic. 2 is probably a trial model whilst the one in pic 3 was presented to an employee on his retirement from the giftware section and was the same person that I got the Queens award ashtray from. I have seen one other of these models before.

The Evan's Coal & Coke can have either a dark red label (pic.1) or a much brighter version (pic.2). The grills on these models were always black.


RAF Tender

Number Plating Canopy & Tilt Grille Wheels Base
1 Gold Black Black   Two Columns
2 Gold Black Tan   Two Columns
3 Silver Black Black   Two Columns
4 Gold Tan Black   Two Columns
5 Gold Black Black Gild 24 spoke Two Columns

Evans Coal & Coke

Number Plating Canopy   Label Wheels Base
1 Gold Tan Dark red 24 spoke Two Columns
2 Gold Tan Bright red 24 spoke Two Columns
3 Gold Tan Dark red 12 spoke Two Columns
4 Brassy Gold Tan Dark red 24 spoke Two Columns