Y16 1904 Spyker Veteran Automobile

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 They either had the open running boards or the filled in ones. Most trays they came on had a small label with a reference to 'Genevieve' , a movie about a car,  in which a Spyker was thus named. All model sported green seats. The plated versions did however throw up some hard to find variants on the painted version, where the bases with the bosses on are very rare. I would consider variants 7 and 12 listed here as one off models much like the following Mercedes. In pic 3 and 4  is the ultra rare Spyker in gold and for this one I have to thank Ricardo Cortes-Monroy , isn't it just stunning     


Number Plating Run. Boards Tyres Base
1 Silver Short Black, knobbly 2mm collars
2 Silver Short Black 2mm collars
3 Silver Long Black Bosses
4 Silver Short Black Bosses
5 Silver Long Black Bosses
6 Silver Short Black 2mm collars
7 Gold* Short White 2 holes
8 Silver Short Black Bosses
9 Silver Short Black Bosses
10 Silver Long Black 2 holes
11 Silver Short Black 2mm collars
12 Gold* Short White Bosses