Y2 Renault

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Only ever available in silver plated form. The main variations are the 4 prong spare tyre carrier (pics.1 & 2) and the later 3 prong version (pic. 3). The steering wheel is metal and black plastic on the later versions. Notice the non - regular seat color trial of tan plastic in pic.1, this is a very early model as it has the gap behind the front bonnet and no infill at the rear of the running board, model 2 is the same.. This model never seemed to keep it's plating finish very well for some reason.

The usual variations on the painted model also appear on the plated version ie: the gap between the rear of the running boards and the gap at the side of the rear number plate


Number Plating Steering Wheel Spare Carrier Seats Grille Base
1 Silver Silver metal 4 prong Bright red Bright red 2 holes
2 Silver Silver metal 3 prong Bright red Bright red 2 holes
3 Silver Black Plastic 3 prong Bright red Bright red 2 holes
Note: All these models have the same variants as the painted versions in regards to the rear number plate, infill on the rear running board and the gap at rear of the bonnet - see painted version for these.