Y2 Prince Henry Vauxhall

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The Prince Henry in silver in pics 1 & 2  is getting hard to find now. In pics 3 and 4 it is shown in gold but in pic 4 it is on a penstand with the London badge in front of it. 

A number of the painted versions have been 'found' with maroon seats claiming to be like the rare red version but these are considered to have been swapped from the plated model. 


Number Plating Seats Grille Base
1 Silver Maroon Maroon 2 Columns
2 Silver Maroon Black 2 Columns
3 Gold Maroon Maroon 2 Columns
4 Gold Maroon Bright red 2 Columns
5 Silver White Black None
Note: Issue 5 has a gold windscreen and post '75' wheels