Y3 Riley MPH

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This model was the only one in the whole plated range to combine both plating & painted parts. The model was only issued in silver plating with a red chassis. The seats & grille can be either black (pic.1) or white (pic.2). Another version has white seats and a black grille. Notice that the wheels are the new 24 spoke plastic ones instead of the original metal type. there was one sold at Vectis that had all components in silver with white plastics. I am able to show you one of these models as a photo has been supplied once again thanks to Mike Thomas. he is not sure if a gift by Odell or a trial.


Number Plating Seats Grille Base
1 Silver, red painted chassis Black Black 2 Columns
2 Silver, red painted chassis Creamy white Black 2 Columns
3 Silver, red painted chassis Creamy white Creamy white 2 Columns