Y6 1926 Type 35 Bugatti

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This was one of the first trials to be run on a Yesteryear model. Originally not intended to be placed on any giftware item, the model should therefore have no holes in the base. This is what a genuine Y6 Bugatti should look like, silver finish, beginning to tarnish a bit. Most fakes have the rear decal plated over and are all nice and shiny and new. Most of the original ones with the decal plated over like this were plated by Transpalite for inclusion into a paperweight but others have been made since by others. A very hard model to find now in it's original plated version. This one came with rubber tyres as plastic ones tended to melt when put into the lucite blocks.


No variants on this model. Black seats and silver plated although gold versions are reputed to exist, they were probably one-offs done by Lesney as prizes or gifts.