Y6 1913 Cadillac

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This is one of the rare ones in the plated world. It is in silver plate in pic 1 with the roof attached to seat pins and cast in base columns. The spare tyre carrier is of the first type. Needless to say the base is the same as the '913' base due to the column taking out the number 1. In pic 2 is the gold version and notice the 2 columns missing. Of the 2 of them I would say the silver is very rare as the gold version was found in the Heritage sets. Did all the gold ones appear only in the Heritage set as only the silver has the columns.


Number Plating Roof Seats Base
1 Silver Smooth dark red Maroon 2 columns
2 Gold Smooth maroon Maroon 2 holes
3 Gold Textured Maroon Maroon 2 holes
4 Silver Smooth black Yellow 2 holes