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I would especially like to thank the following for sources of information. Plus the many numerous collectors that I have spoken to over the years.

Firstly, to all the fellow collectors out there in cyber land who have allowed me to use photographs of their own models and items, I sincerely thank you for enabling other collectors see the true beauty of these models. If I have used a photograph accidentally which is yours and have not credited it to you then please let me know. I would especially like to mention all the collectors on the MCCH  boards who have allowed me to use various items but are to many to recognise individually but who are only to happy to provide others with help - Go there and you will find what I am talking about!

My special thanks to the following collectors in particular who have contributed immensely to this site, with their knowledge and models.




Thanks Guys for all your help




Calvin Harbaugh - US

Barry Thompson - UK

Martin Stamp - UK

Dave Rogers - UK

Bob Tutt - UK

Gary Galvin - UK

Kay Schaber - Germany

Phil Gay - Australia

Steve Brown - New Zealand


THE YESTERYEAR BOOK - 1956 TO 2000, Millennium Edition

A 'MUST HAVE' book, the bible for Yesteryear collectors

McGimpsey, Kevin.

Orr, Stewart


ISBN 0-9510885-9-9



McGimpsey, Kevin.

Orr, Stewart


ISBN 0-9510885-1-3 


Smith, Leslie.

Smith, Rodney.

Odell, John William 'Jack'

 For their founding of the Lesney company and production of all these wonderful items, without which, none of us would have anything to talk about.

Bolton, David. 

For his work and information on the various box types. Published in MICA Club magazines

Volume. 7, No.1     Page 24     &     Volume 8, No.1    Page 9.